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 What should you see in Riga?

You won't be able to answer this question quickly. Riga is a unique city full of European charm, with unique architecture and stunning views. When you find yourself in the maze of narrow streets of the old city, it's as if you are transported to another reality, a fairy tale.

There are those who like to walk, gradually absorbing impressions. Many people prefer to ride bicycles and electric scooters, so they see a lot more.

Everyone will find their own Riga.

Riga is a city that does not let go and you will definitely return to it.


St. Peter's Cathedral


First mention of the St. Peter's Church is in records dating to 1209. The history of the church can be divided into three distinct periods: two associated with Gothic and Romanesque building styles and the third with the early Baroque period.

The Church of St. Peter was built as a people's Church. Merchants, artisans and ordinary citizens took an active part in raising funds for its construction. The magistrate concerned about prestige, it wanted Peter's Church to be larger and richer than others, so that its tower was the highest in the city. It remains so to this day. The height of the tower is 124 meters. The church hall leaves a grand impression, the middle part of it reaches a height of 30 meters. There is an observation platform on the tower at a height of 72 meters with beautiful views of Riga. The top of the Church spire is decorated with a Golden Cockerel.


Riga Central Market


When Riga Central Market was first opened in 1930 it was the largest and most progressive marketplace in Europe. Through different times Riga Central Market has kept its place in the heart of Riga and  it was often called the belly of the city.

The main structures of the market are five pavilions constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangars, it was hangars for aircraft. You can see the historical hangars in the photo of St. Peter's Cathedral in the upper right corner.

 The Central Market of Riga is the most colorful place in the city, which is admired by guests of the capital, you can buy almost everything here. You’re welcome!  You’ll love it!

A gastronomic tour of the Central Market of Riga is something that must be done in Riga.


Riga Art Nouveau


Old Riga is a tourist brand. Narrow streets, medieval two-and three-story stone houses, fortifications are the hallmark of the capital.

However, the historical center are not only the buildings of the middle Ages.

There are many art Nouveau buildings that were built in the early 20th century. Locals usually use the term "jugendstil" when talking about Riga.  Jugendstil is one of the branches of art Nouveau style. This is the German variety of it.

The main feature of  jugendstil  is the rejection of straight elements in favor of natural lines. Curved ornaments and asymmetric compositions, natural as well as fabulous shapes and motifs, real and fantastic figures of people and animals are widely used in this style.

Rock concerts on the island

Concert tours of many world supergroups include a performance on the island of Lucavsala in the center of Riga.
In 2019, a concert of one of the most popular bands of our time, Rammstein, took place in Riga. The grandiose fire and sound show of the German band was held in the open air. From the towering, industrial nightmare of a set to the endless jets of flame, plumes of black smoke, stunning light show and, yes, confetti, this was a show for the ages.
 But most of all, the residents of Riga were shocked by the roar of music, which was heard even in the most remote areas. Most people joked that they had saved money on tickets and were now listening to the concert at home and were singing along.


Ligo is fun

There are many happy holidays in Riga, but Ligo is the most popular holiday in Latvia.

Ligo Festival is not only a pagan festival of songs, dances and summer solstice, but also called Green Day and Grass Day! And therefore, both cars and people are decorated with wreaths of oak, birch and wildflowers.

Is the Ligo Summer Solstice all about tradition? No, you also need to drink a lot of beer, caraway cottage cheese (round in shape, symbolizing the sun) and sing

Latvian folk songs. Good food, songs, dances, bonfires and magic.

This is Ligo!

You can believe in magic or not, but if you do, the night will be much more fun!